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Scrap Policy

Dear Customers,


At Checkmate Casuals, our goal is to have ZERO mistakes.  That said, we’re human, and hopefully, so are the rest of your vendors. ;-)  In reality, 1% - 3% of the shirts we receive from you will already have holes, stains, or other defects before they arrive to our facility.  In addition to this, 1% - 3% of the shirts we print are at risk of being damaged in the decoration process.  As a courtesy to our customers, we do our best to check the garments before we print, but many of the factory defects can and will go unnoticed or will be discovered only when it is too late.   In addition, occasionally a shirt will come off the press “less than perfect”, if you know what we mean.   Rather than put a damaged or mis-decorated piece in the box, our policy is to scrap it.  If this scrap percentage is greater than 3% of your entire order OR 1 of each size (whichever is greater), we will notify you and will be glad to credit you for the decoration of the damaged goods.  If it is NOT above 3% OR 1 of each size (whichever is greater), you will not be notified, as it is within our anticipated scrap rate. 


If you need exact sizing, we strongly urge you to order the greater of 3% extra, or 1 of each size/color/item.  We will gladly print this scrap for no charge, provided you notify us on your purchase order that scrap is being sent.  *We will print everything that is sent to us.  We will not sift through and remove scrap for returns if not used.

We will not take responsibility for customer-supplied defects.  Customer-supplied defects include--but are not limited to--stains, holes, missing or ripped pieces, dye inconsistencies, or incorrect sizing by manufacturer.  Nothing on our machines or in our processes would cause these problems.  Also, we do not have the resources to inspect every single garment for full structural integrity. 


If we have to set the job up again at a later date to re-run garments due to:

  • factory flaws,

  • failure of customer to provide adequate scrap, or

  • scrap below the greater of 3% or 1 of each size/color/item,


we will have to charge that run as a separate job. 

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